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Many parents say the best time to travel with children is when they are smaller.  Of course it would be hard to travel with your baby when they are just born (less than three months old).  There are many benefits to travel with a young baby (3 months+).  Your baby traveler is happy to go wherever you go and loves looking at new and interesting things.  Young baby traveler is easily transported, as long as he or she is comfortable, fed and clean. 

Cost:- most of time baby traveler can travel for a nominal cost.  For example, I recently booked a 6-hour flight for my 8 month old to Hawaii for $12.07 (some sort of taxes).  Also try to find accomodations and facilities that are baby friendly.  Many advertise their facility as such.

The Land of Nod Apparel

Of course there is a downside to travelling with babies - you will find your yourself needing all sorts of things on the road.  We'e got tips and tricks to get your baby traveler started.  And we are always on the lookout for gears and accessories to make your life on the road a little easier.

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